Community Discussions Workflow

This workflow was established for the Instructor Development Committee Discussion Session Coordinator to organise The Carpentries Community Discussions.

Scheduling Community Discussions

Themed Discussion Sessions/#CarpentriesConversation
Click here for your time zone:
Host (name & email):
Host questionnaire to be completed at the end of call:
Co-host/notetaker (name & email): 
Attending (Name/Affiliation/Twitter): 
  Sharing an upcoming or past workshop? Please add the link to your workshop website along with your name.
  Attending as part of the instructor checkout requirement? Please add your e-mail address and checkout along with your name.
Attendee questionnaire to be completed at the end of call: 
  • Add potential Community Discussion to the community calendar

    • If the Community Discussions Facilitator proposed a day/time for the community discussion, add that day/time to the community calendar in UTC and assign the Zoom Room carpentries room 2 for the call. If they did not provide a time, include that question in your e-mail to them.

  • Add potential Community Discussion to the Community Discussions Page on the website

  • Contact potential Community Discussions Facilitator

    • Send a version of the following templated e-mail to the individual who completed the form. Once the e-mail has been sent, highlight the row in the spreadsheet yellow indicating that you’ve contacted the individuals.

  • Communications Tasks

    • Inform The Carpentries Core Team Liaisons about the Community Discussion by emailing

    • Draft tweets for Community Discussion

    • Make a copy of this template and draft tweets to spread the word about the Community Discussion.

      • Send the tweet template to the Communications Manager by emailing

  • Request Blog Post to Promote Community Discussion

Preparing to Host a Carpentries Community Discussion

  • [Optional] Identify a Community Discussion Moderator

    • Identify someone to moderator the Community Discussion. This individual will:

    • Introduce the facilitator

    • Remind participants that we are following The Carpentries CoC

    • Request permission from attendees to record the session.

    • Take notes during the discussion

    • Moderate Q&A

    • Facilitate breakout rooms

    • Serve as timekeeper

    • Thank attendees for participating

    • Remind attendees to complete the questionnaire

    • Ensure we recognise those attending the discussion for checkout and facilitate Q&A for checkout participants.

  • Share Zoom Room Credentials & Practice Breakout Rooms

    • Contact the Community Development Team on in case you need alternative Zoom Room Credentials shared.

  • [Optional] Review The Carpentries Community Discussions Host Onboarding slide deck

Community Discussion Wrap-Up

  • Add Community Discussions Slide Deck to Google Drive

  • Upload Community Discussion Recording to YouTube

    • Contact the Community Development Team on to have the recording of the Community Discussion uploaded to The Carpentries YouTube Channel.

  • Add Community Discussion to the Past Calls section of the Community Discussions page on The Carpentries website.

  • Send thank you notes to the Community Discussion Facilitator & Moderator using this template email as a starting point if need be.

  • Review Discussion Questionnaire Results

  • Review the Community Discussion blog post and ask Community Development Team to merge by emailing or tagging @kmomar in the PR.

    • If the discussion host wrote a blog post, review the blog post and the results of the questionnaire. Add/edit blog post content and be sure to include any responses from the survey that are valuable/interesting before requesting the Communications Lead to merge.