Community Discussions Workflow

This workflow was established for the Instructor Development Committee Discussion Session Coordinator to organise The Carpentries Community Discussions. Between January 2020 and September 2020, this workflow will be managed by Angelique van Rensburg from Carpentries Core Team.

Scheduling Community Discussions

Themed Discussion Sessions/#CarpentriesConversation
Click here for your time zone:
Host (name & email):
Host questionnaire to be completed at the end of call:
Co-host/notetaker (name & email):
Attending (Name/Affiliation/Twitter):
  Sharing an upcoming or past workshop? Please add the link to your workshop website along with your name.
  Attending as part of the instructor checkout requirement? Please add your e-mail address and checkout along with your name.
Attendee questionnaire to be completed at the end of call:
  • Add potential Community Discussion to the community calendar

    • If the Community Discussions Facilitator proposed a day/time for the community discussion, add that day/time to the community calendar in UTC and assign the Zoom Room carpentries room 2 for the call. If they did not provide a time, include that question in your e-mail to them.

  • Add potential Community Discussion to the Community Discussions Page on the website

  • Contact potential Community Discussions Facilitator

    • Send a version of the following templated e-mail to the individual who completed the form. Once the e-mail has been sent, highlight the row in the spreadsheet yellow indicating that you have contacted the individuals.

  • Communications Tasks

    • Inform The Carpentries Core Team Liaisons about the Community Discussion by emailing

    • Draft tweets for Community Discussion

    • Make a copy of this template and draft tweets to spread the word about the Community Discussion.

      • Send the tweet template to the Communications Manager by emailing

  • Request Blog Post to Promote Community Discussion

Scheduling Pre- and Post-Workshop Community Discussions

  1. Coordinate with Infrastructure Team (Maneesha Sane) regarding quarterly sign-ups. This process has been semi-automated with the use of Calendly.

  2. After signups have closed the Community Discussions Coordinator and Infrastructure Team discuss distributions of time slots identified by Discussions Hosts (during sign-up) per week and time zone. This will result in either extending signups (if more are needed), or cancel duplicate/sessions not needed.

  3. Once finalised the Infrastructure Team publishes the time slots to the Etherpad.

  4. In coordination with IDC’s Communications Coordinator, the Community Development Team will coordinate weekly Tweets and schedule messages to go out in Carpentries Clippings, our fortnightly newsletter, regarding upcoming Community Discussion sessions.

  5. The final version of the Carpentries Community Calendar is populated from Calendly by the Infrastructure Team.

  6. If any additional sessions are added/sessions are changed at a later stage, this is done manually.

  7. The Community Discussions Coordinator checks the Etherpad weekly to view signups (perhaps too few) for sessions as well as if any changes have been made and might impact the Carpentries Community Calendar.

  8. The Community Discussions Coordinator will periodically write blog posts, update mailing lists and provide information via Slack regarding various Community Discussion matters (i.e. quarterly signups, upcoming themed discussions etc) and will have as much support from the Community Development Team as needed throughout this process.

Preparing to Host a Carpentries Community Discussion

  • [Optional] Identify a Community Discussion Moderator

    • Identify someone to moderator the Community Discussion. This individual will:

    • Introduce the facilitator

    • Remind participants that we are following The Carpentries Code of Conduct

    • Request permission from attendees to record the session.

    • Take notes during the discussion

    • Moderate Q&A

    • Facilitate breakout rooms

    • Serve as timekeeper

    • Thank attendees for participating

    • Remind attendees to complete the questionnaire

    • Ensure we recognise those attending the discussion for checkout and facilitate Q&A for checkout participants.

  • Share Zoom Room Credentials & Practice Breakout Rooms

    • Contact the Community Development Team on in case you need alternative Zoom Room Credentials shared.

  • [Optional] Review The Carpentries Community Discussions Host Onboarding slide deck

Community Discussion Wrap-Up

  • Add Community Discussions Slide Deck to Google Drive

  • Upload Community Discussion Recording to YouTube

    • Contact the Community Development Team on to have the recording of the Community Discussion uploaded to The Carpentries YouTube Channel.

  • Add Community Discussion to the Past Calls section of the Community Discussions page on The Carpentries website.

  • Send thank you notes to the Community Discussion Facilitator & Moderator using this template email as a starting point if need be.

  • Review Discussion Questionnaire Results

  • Review the Community Discussion blog post and ask Community Development Team to merge by emailing or tagging @kmomar in the PR.

    • If the discussion host wrote a blog post, review the blog post and the results of the questionnaire. Add/edit blog post content and be sure to include any responses from the survey that are valuable/interesting before requesting the Communications Lead to merge.