Trainer Duties and Agreement

As of May 2017, the Trainers group adopted a Trainer Agreement outlining Trainer duties. Only active Trainers are voting members of the Trainer community. An inactive Trainer may re-activate their Trainer status at any time by resuming Trainer activities.

Trainer Agreement

I agree to follow the Code of Conduct (CoC) in all communications and interactions with The Carpentries community and to promptly report any violations of the CoC that I become aware of.

I understand that the secondary learning outcomes of workshops are as important as their stated goals. I will:

  • Communicate The Carpentries community values to trainees and model that behaviour myself in how I teach

  • Provide a welcoming and supporting environment for trainees

  • Model our “show, don’t tell” policy in instructor training

  • Connect the principles used in The Carpentries workshops with other teaching contexts

I understand that it is important to keep up to date and in touch with the Trainer community so that my teaching will reflect current practices and curriculum. Therefore, to be an active Trainer, I agree to:

  • Teach at least two instructor training events per year

  • Host on average four teaching demonstrations per year (1 per quarter)

  • Regularly attend Trainer meetings when possible and read meeting minutes/notes when I am not able to attend

  • Read emails sent to the Trainer listserv

  • Keep up-to-date with the instructor training curriculum

  • Teach a curriculum that fulfills all of the current requirements for instructor certification

  • Provide feedback to other trainers and Carpentries staff about training events to help continue developing our offerings

I understand that The Carpentries staff need an accurate understanding of Trainer availability in order to plan instructor training events. If at any point I am no longer able to serve as a Trainer, I will let The Carpentries staff know. I understand that only active Trainers are voting members of the Trainer community, but that I will be able to re-activate my Trainer status at any time by making arrangements with staff for re-onboarding.