Bug BBQs

A Bug BBQ is a day-long community-wide lesson development event. The goal of a Bug BBQ is to prepare lessons for publication.

Scheduling a Bug BBQ

Information about how to schedule a Bug BBQ - coming soon!

Communicating about a Bug BBQ

Creating a Bug BBQ Website

Information about how to create a Bug BBQ website - coming soon!

Announcing a Bug BBQ (Blog post template)

The Carpentries is preparing to publish {{ lesson list }} on Zenodo in {{ month(s) }}. This will be the first publication for our new {{ new lesson list }} lessons. We regularly publish our lessons to provide stable identifiers for polished versions of the lessons. This enables referenced discussions of the lesson materials and gives contributors a verifiable product to cite on their CVs or resumes.

This release will include the following lessons: {{ bulleted list of lessons, for Data Carpentry lessons, link to the workshop home page instead of individual repos }}.

If you’ve made a contribution to one of these lessons, you’re already an author. Help make sure the final product is polished and complete by getting involved in the lesson release.

Here’s a run-down of the lesson release process and our timetable for this release.

  • Resolve existing PRs. {{ dates }}

  • Freeze lessons to new significant changes. {{ dates }}

  • Bug BBQ to clean up lessons. {{ dates }}

  • Publish! {{ dates }}

{{ day, month, time UTC - day, month, time UTC }}

Click [this link]({{ FIXME https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedform.html }}) to see the event in your local time.

Join with the community in a hacky-day to submit Issues and PRs to identify and fix problems and get us ready to publish. We’ll provide communication channels for you to work with other community members and guidelines for how to get started. Keep an eye open for more information about the Bug BBQ!

We’re excited to work with the community to release {{ lessons }}. Put these dates on your calendar, and we’ll send out reminders and updates too. These lessons belong to the community - help keep them great!