Mentoring Groups Roles



  • Communicate with your Mentor about your goals and needs.
  • Attend scheduled meetings and participate actively or let your Mentor know you won’t be attending.
  • Be respectful of other Mentees and Mentors. Provide a safe space for questions and mistakes.


Be either a newly certified Software or Data Carpentry instructor or be in the process of completing certification. Generally Mentees will have taught one or no workshops, but may have been helpers before.

To Participate

To join the mentoring program as a mentee, complete this form.



  • Decide on a meeting schedule with your Mentees.
  • Personalize meetings based on Mentee’s needs and desires.
  • Respond promptly to emails from your Mentees.
  • Follow up with Mentees who miss meetings.
  • Be respectful of Mentees. Provide a safe space for questions and mistakes.
  • Report Mentee attendance and progress to mentoring coordinator.

Time commitment

~4 hours/month for 3-5 months (or longer if accepting new Mentees). This breaks down to about 2 hours prep, 1 hour meeting and 1 hour answering emails per month. Variable depending on meeting frequency and prep time.


Certified instructors who have taught at least 2 workshops.

To Volunteer

To join a mentoring group as a mentor, complete this form.

Mentoring Coordinator


  • Recruit mentors and mentees for the Mentoring Program.
  • Pair Mentors and Mentees based on responses to Google form surveys.
  • Send email introductions for each mentoring team.
  • Follow up with each mentoring team on a monthly basis and ask if there’s anything you can do to help.
  • Keep track of program completion rates to assess success.
  • Get feedback from Mentors and Mentees about program.