Mentoring Committee

Mission Statement

Established in 2015 to develop and maintain a mentoring program, the program supports instructors as they progress through training, teaching, curriculum development, and other community-related activities. We help promote community-building and networking, by providing virtual spaces where instructors from all over the world can share teaching success stories and discuss teaching strategies.

What We Do

  • Meets as a committee once a month.
  • Hosts weekly discussion sessions.

Monthly Meeting Topics

  • Instructor discussion sessions:
  • How are the instructor discussions going?
  • Formulate and update agenda items for the instructor discussions.
  • Discuss how to improve the instructor discussions.
  • Brainstorm ways to make the instructor check out process more useful and efficient.
  • Build a discussion host community, so hosting duties do not fall onto a handful of people every time.
  • How can we better mentor and connect new/experienced instructors?
  • How to encourage members of the community to become more involved?
  • How can we support instructors in parts of the world where there is not currently a local supportive community? How can our community build/grow in places in which the Carpentries may or may not currently exist?
  • How can our community be more inclusive?

Join the Conversation

Mentoring Committee Meetings

  • Committee meetings are organized on the subcommittee Etherpad.
  • Meetings are once a month, at two times to accommodate time zones, usually on a Monday or Tuesday. The meetings are organized and announced 1-2 weeks in advance.

Some common questions:

  • Who can attend mentoring committee meetings? Anyone in the Carpentries community is welcome to attend! If you have even a slight interest in getting involved, we strongly encourage you to attend! You can see a list of current members of the committee on the README of our GitHub repository.
  • Why join? Mentoring committee meetings are a great opportunity to share ideas and support each other, to engage and empower all members of the Carpentries community, and to help grow, build, and be part of our community.

Attending a mentoring committee meeting

Before the meeting

  • Join the mailing list to get the most updated information about mentoring committee activities and meetings.
  • Check out the etherpad for details on the next committee meeting and join by adding your name in your preferred time at the top of the etherpad.
  • Look out for the email from the chairs to the mentoring committee email list and read/think about any documents/topics they may ask
  • Encourage members of the community to join us
  • Tweet/e-mail individual people and encourage them to join in too!
  • If you are able to join the meeting, sign your name as an attendee at the top of the etherpad and tell us whether you will join for the 1st or 2nd meeting (that way we know to look out for you!)

During the meeting

  • Join the videocall, linked to in the etherpad.
  • Participate! If you are new to the committee we strongly encourage you to share your ideas/opinions! Your experience is extremely valuable to us.
  • If the secretary is gone - please help out by taking notes in the Etherpad!

After the meeting