About this site

This site is built using Read the Docs. See the Getting Started section.

It uses the Sphinx theme.

Required dependencies

pip install -r requirements.txt 

After installing Read the Docs packages and the Sphinx theme, build the site locally using

$ make html

Open the file /_build/html/index.html to preview the site locally.

After making changes, run make html again to view your changes. You may need to delete the contents of the /_build/ directory before running make html to force the changes to refresh.

If new files or folders are added to the project, index.rst will need to be updated.

Site structure

The root level index.rst generates main categories the sidebar navigation. Each sub-section is a folder in the topic_folders directory. Each folder within the topic_folders directory has its own index.rst file. These then expand into the subcategories in each directory.

Within each folder’s index.rst file, the section heading is defined by a string of = beneath it. Subheadings can be defined using ### in each markdown file or by a heading with - under it in the index.rst file.

Additional information

This site is built from the master branch of this repo. Changes can be previewed live here. Changes to the actual site will take several hours to go live as they’re hosted by CDN.

If you are making experimental changes to live content please be sure to do so in another branch. Draft content can be added to the drafts folder in the master branch without breaking anything.