Becoming a Trainer

The Trainers group periodically accepts new members via application. New Trainers undergo an eight-week training program outlined below and agree to the Trainer Agreement.

Trainers Training Program

This outline represents the time commitment required for being an instructor Trainer with the Carpentries. Please read through and check to see that you are able to commit to the responsibilities outlined below.

Instructor Trainers agree to abide by the Code of Conduct in all communications and interactions with the Carpentry community.

  • Read How Learning Works by Susan Ambrose and discuss in book club format with Trainers-in-training. Preliminary reading schedule.
    • Time commitment: 1 hour per week for 8 weeks meetings; can miss one meeting; ~10 hours reading
  • Join Trainer Discussion and Business meetings
    • Time commitment: 1 hour every 2 weeks for 3 months; can miss one of each meeting
  • Shadow a teaching demonstration session (after finishing book club)
    • Time commitment: 1 hour one time
  • Shadow at least half a day of an online instructor training event (after finishing book club)
    • Time commitment: 4 hours one time
  • Teach once either online or in person with experienced Trainer (after finishing book club)
    • Time commitment: 2 days one time plus prep
  • Agree to the Trainer Agreement.

Total time commitment for continuing Trainers: 4 days per year + 2.5 hrs per month

Total time commitment for new Trainers: 3 days + ~30 hours over 3 month period, including reading and prep time

Trainers Training Reading Schedule

Week 1

  • Readings: Forward, About the Authors, Introduction, Chapter 1 (pages xiii-xvi, xix-9; 10-39)
  • Curriculum Review
    • Setup
    • Welcome
    • How Learning Works: The Importance of Practice

Week 2

  • Readings Chapter 2, Appendix A, Appendix B (pages 40-65; 225-230)
  • Curriculum Review
    • How Learning Works: Expertise and Instruction
    • How Learning Works: Working Memory and Cognitive Load

Week 3

  • Readings Chapter 3 (pages 66-90)
  • Curriculum Review
    • Building Teaching Skill: Getting Feedback
    • Creating a Positive Learning Environment: Motivation and Demotivation

Week 4

  • Readings Chapter 4, Appendix D (pages 91-120, 244-7)
  • Curriculum Review
    • Creating a Positive Learning Environment: Mindset
    • Building Teaching Skill: The Importance of Practice
    • Wrap-Up and Homework for Tomorrow

Week 5

  • Readings Chapter 5 (pages 121-152)
  • Curriculum Review
    • Building Teaching Skill: Lesson Study
    • Building Teaching Skill: Live Coding
    • Building Teaching Skill: Performance Revised

Week 6

  • Readings Chapter 6 (pages 152-187)
  • Curriculum Review
    • The Carpentries: Workshop Introductions
    • Code of Conduct

Week 7

  • Readings Chapter 7 (pages 188-216)
  • Curriculum Review
    • The Carpentries: How We Operate
    • The Carpentries: Teaching Practices
    • Afternoon Wrap-Up
    • Operations guide

Week 8

  • Readings Conclusion (pages 217-224)
  • Curriculum Review
    • Homework

Reviewing New Trainer Applications

  1. Director of Instructor Training and Carpentries staff will decide on goals for Trainer recruitment.
  2. Trainer Application will be modified to reflect these goals.
  3. Open application period will be announced via Carpentries platforms including Twitter, Facebook, the Discuss email list, and blogs. Ask relevant community members to promote within their networks as well. Personal invitations can be sent with this email template.
  4. Ensure communication emphasizes overall goals.
  5. Ask 2-3 existing Trainers to help review applications in line with defined goals. There is no rubric for this. Reviewers should leave notes supporting their rankings.
  6. Consolidate rankings, adding discretionary points for gaps in representation by characteristics like gender, race, geography, and experience.
  7. Notify accepted applicants using this email template.
  8. Schedule Book Club meetings across time zones.
  9. Inform the Communications Lead so he/she can promote this.
  10. Update the Trainer training Etherpad.
  11. Update the Reading Guides as needed.
  12. Take attendance at all Book Club meetings. At most one absence is allowed.
  13. After Book Club is over, remind Trainers to complete follow up tasks.
  14. Send out Trainer certificates.
  15. Inform the Communications Lead so he/she can promote the new cohort.