Selecting Tags for your Carpentries Blog

When writing or collaborating on a blog post for The Carpentries blog, please select from the list outlined in this document.

Each of the blog tags has a definition to help you select which tags are relevant to your post.

If in doubt over what tags to attach to your post, email community[at]carpentries[dot]org and we will help you pick one.

Additionally, if you feel there is a tag that fits your post, that is not in the list below, please reach out to us.


Program/process design and implementation that offers multiple avenues for access and participation. For blog posts related to The Carpentries’ work on Accessibility as part of the Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Roadmap.


For blog posts related to Carpentries’ work in Africa.


Efforts to analyze and evaluate feedback of The Carpentries work as it relates to workshops, Instructor Training, and other operations


For blog posts related to Carpentries’ work in Australasia.


For use in blog posts about published books directly about or written by members of The Carpentries community

Carpentries Lab

Describing announcements related to the Carpentries Lab. The Carpentries Lab is a place for high-quality, stable lessons. It provides a space and processes for open peer review of lessons, and hosts a collection of reviewed lessons for members of The Carpentries community to teach in their own workshops.

Carpentries Team

For blog posts related to hiring and other activities of The Carpentries Core Team.


For blog posts related to CarpentryCon, The Carpentries bi-annual conference.


For blog posts related to CarpentryConnect events, local and regional events lead by community members


An inactive subcommunity of The Carpentries that helped support the growth and development of The Carpentries by advocating and reaching out to local communities.

Code of Conduct

Policy agreement that guides how we interact with each other and the greater community


For blog posts related to the communications activities and strategies of The Carpentries


For blog posts related to activities of the broader Carpentries community.

Community Discussions

For blog posts related to Community Discussions, including Pre- and Post-Workshop Discussions, Themed Discussion Sessions, and Carpentries Conversations.

Community Facilitators

For blog posts related to the Community Facilitators program. The Community Facilitators Program is an initiative in The Carpentries that seeks to create new pathways for active involvement in everyday community activities by more community members.


Related to lessons included in The Carpentries official lesson stack, or The Carpentries Incubator or Lab.

Curriculum Development

Related to creation of new lessons or significant updates of existing lessons.

Data Carpentry

Related to the Data Carpentry lesson program of The Carpentries

Equity and Inclusion

Resources and information regarding our equity, inclusion, and accessibility roadmap. Our goal is to attract, retain and promote a diverse community of instructors and learners and foster an environment of inclusion.


Related to Carpentries sponsored or related events. Examples include CarpentryConnects,online symposiums and more

Executive Council

Updates and announcements from The Carpentries Executive Council, the highest leadership body of The Carpentries project.


Comments on experience from Instructors, Hosts, Members, and other community members


For blog posts related to the governance of The Carpentries as an organisation.


Announcements for grants funding Carpentries activities

Green Stickies

Blog posts related to positive feedback from the community or for the community


Describing announcements related to the Carpentries Incubator ( The Carpentries Incubator is a place for collaborative development of new lessons. It provides a space for The Carpentries community to create, test, and improve lessons, supported by systems, process, and training to foster collaboration and promote better lesson design.

Incubator Lesson Spotlight

Highlighting lessons currently in the Carpentries Incubator. These posts are created from a form completed by Incubator lesson developers.


Blog posts related to technology we use to support our operations (e.g. AMY, Helpscout, etc)

Instructor Development

About activities hosted or promoted by the Instructor Development Committee.

Instructor Trainers

About Instructor Trainers (the community of people who teach Instructor Training) or having Instructor Trainers as a primary audience


About Instructors (the community of people who teach Software Carpentry, Data Carpentry, or Library Carpentry workshops) or having Instructors as a primary audience.


Posts highlighting translation and internationalization efforts in The Carpentries


For blog posts related to Carpentries’ work in Japan.


A static site generator used in our lessons from 2016 to 2022

Latin America

For blog posts related to Carpentries’ work in Latin America (Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico).

Lesson Infrastructure

For blog posts related to The Carpentries Lesson Infrastructure (e.g. updates or future changes to styling and workflows). This is largely of interest to the maintainer community with some tangential interest in the instructor community.


Related to work and development of Carpentries Lessons

Library Carpentry

Library Carpentry focuses on building software and data skills within library and information-related communities.


community members working on keeping our lessons stable and functional.


for member organisation updates, big changes, or announcements


blogs around creating support systems for new orgs using seasoned community members


For blog posts relating to the merging of the three lesson programs into The Carpentries

Nordic Countries

For blog posts related to Carpentries’ work in Nordic countries (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden).

North America

For blog posts related to Carpentries’ work in North America (Canada, Mexico, United States).

Online Workshops

Workshops that are solely online, experience teaching an online workshop, sharing ideas for online workshops


Blog posts related to donations, sponsorship and other philanthrophic activites that support The Carpentries

Pilot Workshops

Blog posts related to piloting of new lessons


Posts highlighting teaching recommendations of the R programming language, or the use of the R programming language in our activities

Regional Coordinators

For blog posts related to Regional coordinators, who manage workshop logistics, communicate with hosts and Instructors, and respond to general inquiries.


For blog posts related to reports released by The Carpentries core team. This includes annual and budget reports.


A plan that defines a goal or desired outcome and includes the major steps or milestones needed to reach it.


Posts highlighting tips

Software Carpentry

For blog posts related to Software Carpentry, which is part of The Carpentries, teaching basic lab skills for research computing.

Strategic Plan

Posts related to The Carpentries strategic plan, the document used to communicate the organisation’s goals, objectives, and the actions taken to achieve those goals

Task Force

The Carpentries uses Task Forces to explore ideas and make updates in policy, procedures and guidelines. Task forces bring together a small group of people focused on a particular topic for a set period of time.


Experience leading a Carpentries Workshop or Carpentries Training


An event that is taught by Carpentries Instructors that teaches the curriculum of Data Carpentry, Library Carpentry and Software Carpentry. These blogs share experiences from the event