Instructor Training Cancellation and Makeup policy

Cancellations are performed through Eventbrite, though they may also be accomplished by emailing We strongly encourage cancellations more than 7 days prior to a workshop start date. This allows other trainees to register for the available seat.

If a trainee repeatedly registers and cancels (more than 3 times), or registers for more than one seat at the same time, they may be barred from further registration.

Makeups policy

Summary: Trainees who miss more than 1 hour of an Instructor Training event may be marked absent. Instructor certification cannot be completed without full attendance at an Instructor Training event.

Trainees marked absent with an eligible reason may be invited to re-take the training or, where possible & practical, to attend a shorter make-up session.

Trainees marked absent without communication or an eligible reason will not be invited to re-take the training or attend a make-up session. If they wish to complete their training, they may be asked to re-apply or use an additional group training seat in order to register for a new event.

Trainer actions: If a trainee misses more than 1 hour of an event and does not contact the Trainer, the trainee should be marked absent for that day.

If a trainee misses more than 1 hour of an event and informs the Trainer of a reason, the Trainer has some discretion in how to proceed. Depending on the situation, they may choose to either:

  1. Mark the trainee absent, with a note detailing which sections were missed and whether they have an excuse that seems eligible for a makeup session (see below for further action).

  2. Mark the trainee present, with an explanatory note. This action may be performed IF the trainee did not miss core participatory content (e.g. either live coding activity) as judged by the Trainer AND the total missed content is less than ¼ of the event (3-4 hours), OR if the Trainer takes it upon themselves to offer a make-up session.

IF a trainee is marked absent AND the Trainers believe that they have an eligible excuse (see below), a Trainer should additionally email, with the trainee and co-Trainer on cc, to request an invitation to make up the training. [It is ok for the trainee to contact us directly. However, when the Trainer assumes the burden of requesting help, this supports trainees who may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. It also reduces the need for back-and-forth if details need to be confirmed with Trainers.]

Core Team actions: If a trainee is marked absent and is not eligible for a make-up opportunity, the training will be marked ‘failed’ in AMY and the member seat will be forfeited until/unless the trainee gets in touch with an eligible excuse.

If a trainee is marked absent and is eligible for make-up, the training will be marked “asked to repeat” in AMY, and Core Team will determine whether a make-up session or new event is appropriate (see below), and will invite them to sign up accordingly.

If a trainee is not marked absent, they will receive credit for the training as normal.

Eligibility for Make-up Workshops or Meetings Eligible excuses will permit a trainee who has missed all or part of an Instructor Training event to register for a different event or attend a make-up session. Core Team will determine which option is appropriate except in cases where a Trainer takes it upon themselves to offer a make-up meeting. Most trainees who have missed more than ¼ of an event will be asked to repeat the training.

Eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis by the Core Team. We aim to be generous to all with adverse circumstances while respecting the time donated by our Instructor Trainers and the capacity limitations of our program. Both Instructor Training and service as a Carpentries Instructor involve significant and synchronized time commitments that may not be achievable under all circumstances. There are other options for participating in The Carpentries communities that have more flexible or distributed time requirements.

Examples of eligible excuses:

  • Illness

  • Unexpected family demands (e.g. childcare)

  • Work-related emergencies (e.g. freezer failure)

  • Internet outage or bandwidth limitations

Examples of excuses which may be deemed ineligible:

  • Work/deadline concerns, especially where foreseeable

  • Incompatible time zone selected

  • Appointments or other planned absences