Trainer Coordinator

The Trainer Coordinator plays an essential role in The Carpentries community by ensuring that teaching demonstrations run smoothly and by coordinating meetings for the Trainers group. The duties for this position are estimated to take about two hours per month.


Every Two Weeks:

  • Check the teaching demonstration Etherpad to ensure that all events on the etherpad have Trainers listed.

  • Send a reminder to all Trainers signed up to teach over the next two weeks. See the email templates for suggested language.

  • If any events don’t have a Trainer listed, send out a notification to the Trainer Slack channel and the Trainer mailing list asking Trainers to sign up. See the email templates for suggested language.

  • If one week before the demo is scheduled to take place, there is still no Trainer available, directly contact any staff member or email The Carpentries staff will try to find a staff member to cover the demo or will cancel the event, accordingly.


  • Make sure that demo sessions are listed on the community calendar.


Email templates (Trainer Coordinator)

Reminder to Trainers signed up for teaching demos


You’re signed up to host a Carpentries teaching demo within the next two weeks!

Please double check your time/date link on the etherpad and confirm this one-hour time slot in your calendar.

If you know in advance that you will have a conflict and are unable to host your demo, please email the Trainers list request a replacement. In most cases staff will fill in as needed if a replacement isn’t found.

If you have a last-minute conflict, please use Slack as well as email to request a replacement. You may use “@here” to get the attention of all online group members as well as tagging Karen Word and Erin Becker in your request on Slack. If you are unable to get help in time, please contact your trainees to cancel or reschedule.

Instructions for hosting demos are here. Please get in touch with questions, and enjoy your demo session!



Teaching demos without hosts

Subject: Need hosts for upcoming teaching demos

Dear Trainers,

We are missing a Trainer to lead a session on [time and date UTC] [time and date link]. If you are available to cover this session, please add your name to the etherpad. Also, please reply to this thread so that others know this event is covered.

Thank you!

Teaching demo cancelled - trainees

Subject: Teaching demo cancelled - please reschedule

Dear checkout participant,

Thank you for signing up to do your teaching demonstration at [time in UTC from Etherpad] [time and date link]. Unfortunately, we need to cancel this session due to [reason (optional)]. There are still spots open in upcoming sessions on the Etherpad, and I hope you will be able to find one that suits your schedule.

I know it is hard to make time for these sessions, and I apologise for any inconvenience this has caused. I look forward to having you as a part of our Instructor community.


Meeting notes available

Subject: Trainer meetings notes

Hi all,

Thank you to all who attended our meetings this week. For those who weren’t able to attend, please read through the meeting notes to stay informed about important issues affecting the Trainer community. If you have any questions or would like to contine a conversation started at this meeting, please send a message to the Trainers list.