Email Templates (Trainers)

This section contains email templates for English and Spanish activities.

Templates in English

Email after Training Event

Subject: Thanks for attending Carpentries Instructor Training!

Hi everyone,

Thank you for participating in The Carpentries Instructor training workshop. We really enjoyed having you involved and getting to know you a bit. You are now well on your way towards becoming a certified Carpentries instructor. In order to finish your certification, please finish these tasks ( by the 90-day deadline. If you have any questions about the checkout process, please contact

Looking forward to having you as a Carpentries Instructor!


[ name ]

Reminder Teaching Demo

Subject: The Carpentries teaching demonstration


According to you have signed up to give an online teaching demo on [ date ] at [ time ] (See this link for your local time: [ link ]). I will be the Instructor Trainer running the session.

I wanted to make it very clear that I may give you any segment of the lesson you prepared to teach, so you must be ready to teach any part of your chosen lesson. Some people prepare to teach 5 minutes from a particular section and nothing else, and these often have to reschedule as they seldom are assigned the section they have prepared for. A lesson corresponds to a single line in the lesson tables ( , , and and a single repository on GitHub. Some lessons have supplementary modules, but you do not need to be prepared to teach the supplementary modules for your teaching demonstration.

For example, if you have chosen The Unix Shell, I may assign you any episode listed at

Please visit the Etherpad a little while before the demo starts, I will post a link there to another Etherpad we will be using for this demo.

See you at the demo session,

[ sender name ]

Trainee Invited to Repeat Teaching Demo

Note to Trainers: Even with a template, these emails can be hard to compose and send! When in doubt, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Trainer community and/or Core Team for support in deciding, customizing, or responding to questions about these messages.

Subject: Carpentries instructor training: Teaching Demo

Hi [ trainee name ],

Thank you for doing a teaching demonstration. While you demonstrated good [ something they did well, e.g. command of the subject material], I am inviting you to return for one more try at the teaching demo. The primary reason is because [ reason ]. [ Explanation of what you would like to see instead, and why it is central to Carpentries teaching practices. ]

This was a difficult determination to make – we are excited about having you as a Carpentries instructor and we want to have you on board! I know it is hard to make time for these sessions, and I hope you will find the opportunity for additional practice and feedback to be worthwhile.

I have contacted our checkout Core Team to indicate that this session should be repeated. If you are close to the end of your checkout period, you can email to request an extension if you need one.

Please get in touch with questions!

Best wishes,

[ sender name ]

Trainee Did Pass Teaching Demo

Subject: Carpentries instructor training: Teaching Demo

Hi [ trainee name ],

I’m happy to tell you that you have passed your teaching demonstration! You demonstrated a good command of the subject material and a solid understanding of The Carpentries teaching methods. We are excited about having you as a Carpentries instructor. I’ve forwarded this information to our Core Team. If this was the last stage in your instructor training checkout, you should get your official The Carpentries Instructor certificate in about a week, along with instructions for signing up to teach workshops. If you still have steps remaining in your checkout, please be sure to complete them before your deadline.

You can check your progress in the checkout steps by logging on to our instructor tracking system, AMY, using your GitHub ID here: If you have any questions, or did not provide a GitHub user name when registering for training, please email They can also answer any additional questions you might have about the checkout procedure.

Welcome to The Carpentries Instructor community!

Best wishes,

[ sender name ]

Templates in Spanish

Bilingual Demo Session Reminder Email

Subject: Carpentries instructor training: Teaching Demo


Thanks for signing up to complete your “Teaching Demo” as part of the instructor certification process. We will meet on [ Insert Date ] at [ Insert Time ] in this Zoom videoconferencing room ( Please read this short bi-lingual description of how Teaching Demo session works ( Disclaimer: I understand Spanish better than I speak it. So, I will talk in Spanish as much as I can, but I will most likely give feedback about your teaching in English.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Gracias por inscribirte para completar tu demostración de enseñanza como parte del proceso de certificación para instructores. Nos reuniremos [ Insert Date ] [ insert time ] aquí: ( Por favor, lee ésta breve descripción bilingüe de cómo funciona la sesión de demostración de enseñanza aquí: ( Aviso: Entiendo el español mejor de lo que hablo. Por lo tanto, voy a hablar en español un poco, pero es muy probable que les dé comentarios sobre su enseñanza en Inglés.

Por favor, hazme saber si tienes alguna pregunta o inquietud.


[ sender name ]

Spanish: Trainee Invited to Repeat Teaching Demo

Nota a los Trainers: Incluso con un template, este tipo de emails son difíciles de redactar y enviar! Si tienes preguntas, no dudes en contactar con la comunidad de Trainers y/o nuestro personal para tomar decisiones, personalizar o responder preguntas sobre estos mensajes.

Subject: Formación para instructor de las Carpentries: Demostración de enseñanza

Hola [nombre del aprendiz],

Gracias por realizar tu demostración de enseñanza. A pesar de que has demostrado un buen [algo que hizo bien, puntos positivos, e.g. conocimiento de los materiales de enseñanza], me gustaría invitarte a realizar de nuevo la demostración de enseñanza. La razón principal es [razón]. [Explicar lo que te gustaría ver en el/la candidato/a, y por qué es fundamental de acuerdo a las prácticas educativas de Carpentries].

Esta no ha sido una decisión fácil de tomar – nos encantaría tenerte como instructor en Carpentries! Sé que es complicado hacer tiempo para este tipo de sesiones pero espero que consideres este tiempo adicional de práctica y feedback como una oportunidad.

Me he puesto en contacto con nuestro personal de checkout indicando que esta sesión debe repetirse. Si estás cerca de tu periodo de checkout, puedes enviar un email a para solicitar una extensión si la necesitas.

No dudes en ponerte en contacto si tienes cualquier pregunta!


[nombre del remitente]

Spanish: Trainee Did Pass Teaching Demo

Subject: Formación para instructor de las Carpentries: Demostración de enseñanza

Hola [nombre del aprendiz],

Me alegra informarte que has pasado tu demostración de enseñanza. Has demostrado un buen dominio del contenido de los materiales y de las metodologías de enseñanza de las Carpentries, por tanto, es un placer recibirte como instructor/a en las Carpentries. Ya he comunicado esta información a nuestro Core Team. Si esta fue la última parte de tu proceso de certificación, recibirás tu certificado oficial de las Carpentries junto con las instrucciones para inscribirte para impartir talleres en una semana aproximadamente. Si aún tienes que completar algún paso en tu proceso de certificación, asegúrate de completarlos antes de la fecha límite. Si tienes alguna pregunta, por favor envía un correo a

Bienvenida/o a la comunidad de las Carpentries.


[nombre del remitente]