Joining a Training Event

When a site signs a new member contract or otherwise schedules a training event with The Carpentries, the Program Manager will contact the site to discuss instructor training. This includes reviewing the training curriculum and certification process.

The Program Manager will share the member training process and the current member training calendar with the member site, and the site can choose the dates that work best for them.

The Program Manager will share information about the training with all participants, including a link to our application form and some pre-reading material.

Host Checklist

Our training events are typically offered using the Zoom videoconferencing platform.

Before the event, the Workshop Administration Team will be in touch with the host site to set a test run of the Zoom videoconferencing set up. For the test run, the host should:

  • be in the same room as the event itself

  • use the same equipment (computer, projector, speakers, microphone) as the event itself

  • make sure people in the room can see and hear the person on the screen

  • make sure the person on the screen can see and hear all participants

Other things to be set up for the event include:

  • Reminding participants of the pre-reading material that was shared by the Program Manager

  • Reviewing the schedule to arrange for lunch and coffee breaks. Providing refreshments is suggested (people learn better with fuel!), but not mandatory. A sample schedule is here.

  • Allowing for break out space during the event. The training includes partner and small group activities. If the room is big enough this can be done in different corners of the room. Otherwise, a hallway alcove or nearby office may be a good fit.