Slack and Mailing Lists

There are many ways in which you can join our conversations:

  • The Discuss email list, which community members are welcome to join and post to.

  • Our other email lists are a combination of regional and topic-specific lists.

  • Our Slack channel, which community members are welcome to join. Click on “Channels” in the left panel to view all existing channels.

Below are descriptions of selected channels found on TopicBox (as discussed in this blog post):

  • Instructor Trainers - A list/group for topics related to the community of Trainers that prepare new instructors in teaching Data, Software and Library Carpentries lessons.

  • Discuss - A list/group for general discussion of Carpentry teaching practices and community activities and concerns.

  • Discussion Hosts - The community of instructors that hosts community discussion sessions.

  • Instructors - An admininistrator approved list/group where opportunities for badged instructors to teach are announced.

  • Maintainers - A list/group for topics related to the maintenance of Carpentry lessons.

local-* - A set of city / region-specific lists/groups discussing The Carpentries in our local and regional communities

Region-specific lists/groups

City-specific lists/groups