Scheduling Training Events

The Quality Assurance Manager collects availability from Instructor Trainers and generates a four month training calendar (January-April, May-August, September-December) three times a year.

Trainees will be asked for their availability in October, March, and July for each four month block, and a calendar will be published 6-8 weeks before each four month block.

Once the calendar is confirmed, the Quality Assurance Manager updates it on the Member information page and on the internal Carpentries Core Team Zoom calendars. The Workshop Administration Team will create events in AMY for each of these scheduled trainings. The Workshop Administration Team will also create an Eventbrite registration page for each event and set up surveys in Survey Monkey for each event. Lastly, the Workshop Administration Team will reserve Zoom Room 1 for each event.

For Online Training Events

Trainees for each event may be a mix of member-affiliated and non-member affiliated (open training) applicants. Seats are first opened to member-affiliated applicants. One month before the event, remaining seats are offered to open training applicants.

The Director of Memberships or the Operations Manager notify the Quality Assurance Manager when new member sites are ready for instructor training in Asana. This includes information about the agreement start and end dates, number of workshops and instructor training seats allowed, and any other special information. The Administrative Specialist enters this information in AMY. The Workshop Administration Team creates an Eventbrite registration code for this new membership. Note the registration codes document is available to Carpentries Core Team only.

The Quality Assurance Manager emails member sites to introduce The Carpentries’ Instructor Training Program and give their team members the opportunity to join posted training events according to these guidelines.

The Member contact invites their team members to sign up for an event as a team or as individuals. Individuals associated with member sites can sign up for an event at any time.

During the first week of each month, the Workshop Administration Team invites accepted applicants from the open application pool to register for upcoming events. The accepted applicant list is the union of these two queries in AMY:

  • State = “Accepted” and Matched = “Unmatched”

  • State = “Accepted” and Matched = “Matched trainee, Unmatched training”

One month before each event the Workshop Administration Team emails the event’s Trainers with information about setting up the website and Etherpad for the event, and generally preparing to teach.

Two weeks before each event, the Workshop Administration Team will begin monitoring the event’s waitlist. If there are any cancellations, the seat will be offered to the next person on the waitlist. If this person does not claim their seat, it will go to the next person, and so on.

One week before each event, the Workshop Administration Team:

During the training event, the Workshop Administration Team:

After the event, the Workshop Administration Team: