Lesson Programs

The Carpentries supports and maintains Lesson Programs. Lesson Programs are collections of lessons comprising one or more Carpentries workshops, serving distinct goals and audience, and the leadership guiding their development and implementation.

From The Carpentries Bylaws:
*A Lesson Program within The Carpentries possesses the following characteristics:

  • Intention and purpose for lessons that align with The Carpentries mission and vision

  • Goals and objectives for lessons and/or workshops that are distinct from other Lesson Programs

  • Service to a particular audience of learners and instructors

  • Evidence of community member commitment to Lesson Program governance (see below), lesson maintenance, and curriculum development*

Adoption as an official The Carpentries Lesson Program is the last step of Lesson Program incubation as outlined in the Lesson Program Incubation Roadmap

This Policy outlines the Roles and Responsibilities of the Lesson Programs and The Carpentries.

Lesson Program Policy

Roles and Responsibilities of Lesson Programs

  • The Lesson Program maintains a Lesson Program Committee of a minimum of 3 members to serve as community governance body and act as a point of contact with The Carpentries Executive Council and staff.

  • The Lesson Program Committee provides the Executive Council with an annual report of Lesson Program operations based on a template provided by The Carpentries.

  • The Lesson Program follows all general policies as outlined by The Carpentries, including, but not limited to, the Code of Conduct.

  • The Lesson Program workshops are conducted and administered as outlined in The Carpentries handbook, including tracking activities and using at least one certified instructor per workshop.

  • Assessment of Lesson Program workshops and activities are conducted through, and in coordination with, The Carpentries assessment efforts.

  • Lesson Program workshops follow The Carpentries instructor training procedures and guidelines as outlined in the instructor training curriculum.

  • The Lesson Program has at least one articulated, established core curriculum for a workshop and guidelines on what is required for it to be called a Lesson Program workshop.

  • The Lesson Program maintains documentation with information about its goals, workshops and curriculum.

  • The Lesson Program coordinates with The Carpentries to release and publish lessons with permanent identifiers on a regular basis.

  • The Lesson Program develops all content collaboratively and openly with a Carpentries approved open license.

  • The Lesson Program maintains and develops lessons in accordance with Carpentries guidelines as outlined in The Carpentries Curriculum Development Handbook.

  • The Lesson Program uses Carpentries templates and curricular guidelines for workshops and lessons.

  • The Lesson Program has a workshop fee structure and Member Organisation engagement plan consistent with The Carpentries.

  • The Lesson Program promotes its curriculum so that workshops are taught regularly.

  • The Lesson Program will follow the procedures and guidelines of The Carpentries administrative and financial management structure.

Roles and Responsibilities of The Carpentries

  • The Carpentries staff and affiliates will coordinate Lesson Program workshops in accordance with standard workshop coordination practices as outlined in The Carpentries Handbook.

  • The Carpentries will enable the Lesson Programs to make use of all The Carpentries infrastructure, including workshop coordination tools and database.

  • The Carpentries will provide the Lesson Programs access to all lesson and workshop templates. The Carpentries will include representatives from the Lesson Program on task forces or committees tasked with updating and maintaining these templates.

  • The Carpentries will support development opportunities for the Lesson Program, including grants, donations and other revenue opportunities. Funds brought in for Lesson Program activities will go to support that work.

  • The Carpentries will include Lesson Programs in the regular lesson release and publication cycle, coordinating between the Lesson Program maintainers and The Carpentries staff and affiliates.

  • The Carpentries will include the Lesson Programs in assessment efforts, including survey development and data analysis.

  • The Carpentries will ensure the instructor training program addresses the training needs of the Lesson Program, incorporating examples and exercises targeted towards the communities served by the Lesson Program.

  • The Carpentries will prepare Trainers to work with trainees from the Lesson Program.

  • The Carpentries Instructor Training recruitment and retention strategies will include building communities of Instructors in domains and communities served by the Lesson Program.

  • The Carpentries will include the Lesson Program in all community efforts, including but not limited to the activities of the Instructor Development committee, Mentorship program and BugBBQs.

  • The Carpentries programmatic and assessment reports will include Lesson Program activities. The Lesson Program will also have access to data specific to its activities.

  • The Carpentries Organisational Membership program will include The Lesson Program.

  • The Carpentries will provide an annual financial report to the Lesson Program Committee, including an assessment of the financial stability and sustainability of The Carpentries.

  • The Carpentries general revenue through Memberships, workshop coordination fees and general grants or donations, will support the ongoing work of the Lesson Program - running workshops, diversity and inclusion efforts, instructor training, lesson maintenance and community engagement.

  • The Carpentries maintains and documents an administrative and financial management structure that supports the Lesson Program.

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