Carpentries Logo Usage Policy


The goal of this document is to outline policy around the usage and modification of The Carpentries trademarks.

The names “The Carpentries”, “Software Carpentry”, and “Data Carpentry,” and their associated logos are all trademarked. This policy is for any cases in which you use the Carpentries name/logo.

Uses that don’t require prior approval

Stating that a workshop is a Carpentries workshop, or that a workshop is based on Carpentries material, is always allowed.

It is acceptable to use the trademark in acknowledging or crediting The Carpentries in journal articles, conference presentations, keynotes, grant applications, and the like. In cases of acknowledgement or attribution, you may use the term “The Carpentries” or the unaltered logos to indicate this, without our prior approval.

Uses that require approval from The Carpentries

Any usage of a derived/modified version of The Carpentries logo or wordmark must have prior approval. This includes commercial and non-commercial uses.

The Carpentries has a number of local and domain-specific communities, and we encourage the development of derived/modified logos that indicate the group’s location or focus. To support the development of domain and region-specific logos, we have outlined the approved modifications to The Carpentries logo and wordmark below.

The colours of the “wrench mark” can be modified to what is appropriate for your domain/region, but no added shapes or distortions (including orientation) are allowed. The domain/region name for your group should be added beneath The Carpentries in Carpentries red (Hex: FF4955)

If you are a local Carpentries member and wish to modify the logo according to these guidelines, please email community@carpentries.org and we will either approve your modification or assist you in creating the modified version.

Other modifications of the logo that leave the name and logo intact are allowed under this policy with approval from The Carpentries Community Development Team.

Uses of The Carpentries name or logo in conjunction or combination with another group’s name or logo (EX: using the wrenchmark with the colours of another organisation, or adding components of another organisation’s logo to The Carpentries) are prohibited.

If you or your group is currently using The Carpentries name or logo in this manner, please email community@carpentries.org, and we will work with you to find an alternative.

License for this Policy This policy has been adapted in part from the Python Software Foundation’s Trademark Use Policy. Interested parties may adapt this policy document freely under the Creative Commons CC0 license.

Virtual Backgrounds

Virtual backgrounds featuring the logos of The Carpentries lesson programs are available for download and use in the Carpentries Commons GitHub repository.