Role and Expectations

The role of the Regional Coordinators is to be the front face of The Carpentries, promoting our work and our culture in their geographical area. The Regional Coordinators will manage workshop logistics, communicate with hosts and instructors, and respond to general inquiries. As a team, all administrators will work together to support each other and ensure communities can thrive locally while maintaining quality and consistency globally.

This includes the following responsibilities

  • Attend monthly admin team meetings. Time zones will be taken into consideration when scheduling these meetings. Attending other Carpentries community meetings is also highly recommended.

  • Read emails sent to the admin group. Stay up to date on all Carpentries operations as outlined in the Carpentries handbook. Respond to workshop requests from host sites in your region within two business days. This may include, but is not limited to:

    • Sharing general Carpentries information

    • Recruiting instructors

    • Setting up surveys and registration

    • Supporting other planning logistics

    • Recording all information according to Carpentries’ systems.

  • Follow up on all completed workshops to collect attendance data and other feedback, and record this in Carpentries’ systems.

  • Serve as the “front face” of The Carpentries in their region by responding to general public inquiries and supporting our larger communication efforts and other initiatives.

  • Communicate Carpentries community values to instructors, host sites, and others constituents.

  • Communicate successes and challenges with Carpentries Workshop and Logistics Manager and other Regional Coordinators.

  • Promote The Carpentries culture of an inclusive and supportive learning environment informed by best practices in pedagogical research. Follow The Carpentries Code of Conduct and report any violations.

  • Elevate questions and issues to Carpentries Core Team as needed.