Sharing Job Postings and other Community Opportunities

The Carpentries has three main mechanisms by which to share job postings and other community opportunities: One is within our newsletter, Carpentries Clippings the second is our #jobs channel on Slack and the third is the opportunities mailing list on Topicbox.

Criteria for Posting

In order to ensure that postings for opportunities featured on Carpentries channels are applicable and of relevance to our community, The Carpentries Core Team has a list of criteria that a posting must meet in order to be shared. If the posting does not meet the criteria, then the post will be removed or modified after discussion with the poster. However, we reserve the right to remove a posting without notice, in particular, if we believe that the opportunity has been submitted automatically (i.e., by a bot).

This criteria was developed over 2020 by The Carpentries Core Team in order to ensure we are adequately screening opportunities.

Here are the criteria we consider when deciding whether to feature a job posting:

  • Organisational Alignment with The Carpentries

    • Does the organisation which is hiring have similar goals to The Carpentries?

    • Do our goals directly support each other?

  • Carpentries Code of Conduct

    • Does the organisation abide by our Code of Conduct and/or have their own published Code of Conduct that has the same priorities as The Carpentries’

    • Note: If The Carpentries publishes a posting from an organisation and is then made aware by our community of incompatibility with our Code of Conduct, we will remove the posting

  • Quality of The Posting

    • Does the posting bear relevance to our community?

    • Are the skills and experiences sought by the posting organisation compatible with the skills our community has or seeks to gain?

    • Does the posting mention The Carpentries by name?

  • Prior Knowledge/work with the Posting Organisation

    • Often, The Carpentries posts job opportunities from affiliate or member organisations.

    • If we have prior interactions and knowledge of the organisation, this is a strong indicator of a valuable opportunity post that our community will appreciate.

Note: These criteria are not strictly quantitative and rely on the judgment of the core team.

Sharing Postings on Carpentries Clippings

Carpentries Clippings is a biweekly newsletter to members of our community featuring community news, program updates of note, and opportunities relevant to the wider Carpentries community.

In order to share a job posting that we will feature in Carpentries Clippings, please follow the Sharing Relevant Announcements guide.

Sharing Job Postings and other Community Opportunities on Slack

Once you have read the criteria above and joined the #jobs channel on The Carpentries Slack, you can share relevant announcements to the group. Please include the following information when posting:

  • Job Title

  • Organisation

  • Location (if applicable)

  • Posting/Application Deadline

  • Link for more information and to apply

Note: Please do not request that applicants or those interested in the opportunity contact you by DM.

If a post does not contain the above or does not meet the criteria outlined earlier, then a member of The Carpentries Core Team will reach out to you via Slack DM to address the concerns and suggest modifications.

In cases where this process is not able to be carried out effectively (such as if the posting is by a spam bot), the Core Team will remove the posting, and with repeated instances of this, will potentially remove the account from the #jobs channel.

Sharing Job Postings and other Community Opportunities on the “opportunities” Mailing List on Topicbox

Posting opportunities to the “opportunities” mailing list requires one to be a member of the group.

To join the group, navigate to the mailing list and click “Join The Conversation” and enter the required information. Once you are a member of the group, please include the following information when sharing a posting.

  • In the title field please include the opportunity title and organisation

  • In the body of the message, include other relevant information about the opportunity including deadlines, links to apply and learn more, location (if applicable)

Once you have submitted the posting, moderators of the mailing list will approve the posting or reach out to you if the posting does not meet the criteria to address the concerns and suggest modifications.