Release Process and Schedule

Lessons are released on a 6-month release cycle. Lesson releases are named by the year and month they happen, e.g., 2016.05.

  1. Each lesson lives in the gh-pages branch of its own repository.
  2. When a release is made, the lesson Maintainer(s) create a branch named after the release, e.g., 2016.05.
  3. A Release Maintainer generates HTML pages for that release and adds them to the branch.
  4. If there isn’t already a directory for that release in the [swc-releases repository][swc-releases], the Release Maintainer creates one and adds an index.html page to it.
  5. The Release Maintainer adds a submodule to the release directory of [swc-releases][swc-releases] that points to the newly-created release branch of the lesson.

More information about lesson releases coming soon!

Upcoming Lesson Releases

Information about upcoming lesson releases - coming soon!